Wijn Festijn

The Wijn Festijn serves wine and culinary dishes at Grotekerkplein

The small-scale park in front of the Laurenskerk will be transformed into a cozy wine festival. The Wijn

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restobar amore 8 juni

Restobar Amore celebrates love for festive eating and drinking

On Friday 17 June, Kim Pieters and Kelly Vincent, known from Weelde, will open their first permanent restobar

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the royal hangover

Enjoy The Royal Hangover

In an idyllic orchard behind one of the oldest farms in the area, The Royal Hangover once again

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francois geurds michelin guide

Michelin awards Zeezout, FG, Fred, Parkheuvel, Joelia, Amarone, Fitzgerald and The Millèn

The Michelin Guide caters for every type of gastronome, from business travelers to tourists, and recommends the best

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daily at donner

Daily at Donner sells groceries at famous bookstore

On the ground floor of Donner, the book mecca on the Coolsingel, you will find a mini-market with

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Cas & Kas

Cas & Kas serve vegan bitterballen and croquettes

Two of the most famous Dutch snacks are croquettes and bitterballen. Usually made from a very thick stew,

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Stadshagel is a new twist on Dutch chocolate bread topping

Are grown-ups really eating chocolate sprinkles on their toast at lunch? People are surprised by the typical Dutch

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Maaltuin Maritiem Museum Rotterdam Museumhaven Theo de Man

De Maaltuin moors at Maritime Museum Rotterdam

During a pop-up dinner at De Maaltuin, you dine in castles, palaces, museums or botanical gardens and get

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Bobby's Gin Pinang Raci Spice Daryl Lieuw-On

Bobby’s Gin Pinang Raci Spice is launched at De Toko

Bobby’s Dry Gin is launching a new special edition. Bobby’s Gin Pinang Raci Spice Blend No.1 is a

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amore by weelde

Weelde opens Amore at Tiendplein

The Tiendplein will soon be welcoming Amore, an exciting distinctive bar for a full evening out. The founders

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