Discover Unforgettable Corporate Experiences with Inside Rotterdam Events & More

Welcome to Inside Rotterdam Events & More, your premier partner for creating exceptional corporate events in and around Rotterdam. With a name synonymous with innovation, excellence and Rotterdam’s rich cultural tapestry, our company creates unforgettable moments in the world of business.

Endless Possibilities

Inside Rotterdam Events & More specialises in curating a diverse range of corporate events tailored to your unique needs.


From intimate luncheons to adventurous excursions, immersive trend tours, delectable tastings, insightful guided tours, refreshing water activities, engaging speakers, side-splitting comedy clubs and dynamic networking events, we’ve got it all. Our offerings are as diverse as the city of Rotterdam itself.

Rotterdam: Our Playground, Your Stage

With our roots firmly planted in Rotterdam, we have cultivated an extensive network of connections throughout the city. This means we can offer exclusive access to iconic venues, hidden gems and a wealth of local expertise. Whether it’s a modern meeting space overlooking the Maas River or a historic venue nestled within the city’s architectural marvels, we ensure every event showcases Rotterdam’s distinctive charm.

From 20 to

2.000 Attendees

Inside Rotterdam Events & More has the flexibility to cater to your needs, whether you’re organising a small team-building activity or a large-scale corporate conference. We can accommodate groups ranging from 20 to 2,000 participants, ensuring that your event feels tailor-made for your objectives.

End-to-End Solutions

We understand that planning an event can be complex, so we offer end-to-end solutions. Beyond crafting the perfect event programme, we can arrange transportation, provide gourmet dining experiences and even secure comfortable hotel accommodations. With us, you can focus on your event’s success while we handle the logistics.

Event programming

We coordinate activities and ensure a smooth experience.


Logistical aspects of moving attendees, staff, and equipment.

Gourmet dining

Premium and high-quality culinary experience.


Arrangements made for lodging and housing event attendees.

Make Your Mark with Us

At Inside Rotterdam Events & More, we believe that corporate events should be more than just meetings. They should be experiences that leave a lasting impact.


Let us help you create memorable moments, foster connections and achieve your business goals, all against the stunning backdrop of Rotterdam’s dynamic cityscape.


Contact us today and embark on a journey of limitless possibilities. Inside Rotterdam Events & More is ready to make your next corporate event an extraordinary success.