Stadshagel is a new twist on Dutch chocolate bread topping

Are grown-ups really eating chocolate sprinkles on their toast at lunch? People are surprised by the typical Dutch habit of hagelslag. Now two twins from Rotterdam introduce a new twist to 87-year-old tradition: Stadshagel.

Olaf and Marise Ouwerkerk are fervent lovers of chocolate sprinkles. They came up with the idea of developing sprinkles in the green and white, the colours of Rotterdam. The crispy sprinkles are made of white chocolate

It has been two years since the twins already launched Rotterdamse Stadgenootjes, birth mice in the colours of Rotterdam. From day one it was a great success. The maternity ward of the Ikazia Hospital serves them standard for example.

“Everyone likes birth mice, but there has to be a reason for eating them. They are not in the kitchen cabinet. This is what we want to change with the Stadshagel. Delicious on bread, but also in your dessert or on a home-baked cake. In this way, we can reach an even larger group of Rotterdammers,” says Olaf.

Boxes of Stadshagel are available at Donner, KEET and Rotterdam Tourist Info (VVV) and online.


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