The Impact Days is all about social entrepreneurship

Stadshaven brouwerij Impact Days

Social entrepreneurship is gaining ground in the Netherlands. During The Impact Days, there is a wide array of public events and social meet-ups about this trend. This May there are several events in Rotterdam.  When people are more aware of what social entrepreneurs are actually doing and achieving, it makes it easier to do business […]

De Buurtcamping lands at the Dakpark

buurtcamping rotterdam

Since 2013 local residents from all over the Netherlands meet each other at De Buurtcamping. For the first time, De Buurtcamping comes to Rotterdam. From July 8 to 10 the Dakpark will be the stage for the camping site. Locals build the campsite together, organize activities and get to know their neighbours during a relaxing […]

Streetwear brand Hedone presents a new collection


Hedone is a streetwear brand that aims to raise awareness about recreational drug consumption. The Rotterdam-based company also aims to reduce crime by offering risk youth an alternative way of earning income and gaining status. The new collection is presented today (February 24) at Gemaal op Zuid. The new collection celebrates the influence of early […]

Rikx wins the Global Mayor Challenge

Rotterdam Rikx Bloomberg dimitry-anikin

Rikx is a digital marketplace for social entrepreneurs originating from Rotterdam. The platform makes initiatives possible that train underprivileged Rotterdammers and guide them to work. The innovative model has been awarded by Bloomberg Philanthropies with 1 million dollars to scale up. Rikx was ‘born’ at Rotterdam-based consultancy agency Rebel in 2018. At the time, Rebel […]

CityLab010 supports 49 local initiatives with over 3 million euros

Citylab010 supports Urban Sun by Daan Rossegaarde

Every year, Rotterdammers can submit plans to CityLab010. The best initiatives making the city more beautiful and better will receive a starting budget. This year 49 local initiatives receive over 3 million euros. With CityLab010, the municipality of Rotterdam supports initiators from Rotterdam with a progressive plan for the city. This year is the seventh […]