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De Buurtcamping lands at the Dakpark

Since 2013 local residents from all over the Netherlands meet each other at De Buurtcamping. For the first time, De Buurtcamping comes to Rotterdam. From July 8 to 10 the Dakpark will be the stage for the camping site. Locals build the campsite together, organize activities and get to know their neighbours during a relaxing holiday. 

During De Buurtcamping the park will be transformed into a cozy camping site for three days. The campsite is inhabited by all people who live in the Bospolder-Tussendijken-neighbourhood. Everybody from BoTu is welcome. From homeless to expats, and from kids to senior citizens. This way, all kinds of people get a connection. One-third of the camping places are for minima. This way, everyone can enjoy a carefree holiday.

The idea for the Neighbourhood Camping arose eight years ago from the personal need of initiator Roderik Schaepman. He grew up in a village in Drenthe and missed the mentality. He started with a neighbourhood drink and a neighbourhood barbecue. Then he came up with the idea of a campsite. That turned out to be a great success. Everyone is equal on the campsite and that bridges the gaps in society.

Register for De Buurtcamping

The local team in Rotterdam has already started organizing Buurtcamping BoTu. But they certainly use the help! Volunteers can sign up via this link.

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