Citylab010 supports Urban Sun by Daan Rossegaarde

CityLab010 supports 49 local initiatives with over 3 million euros

Every year, Rotterdammers can submit plans to CityLab010. The best initiatives making the city more beautiful and better will receive a starting budget. This year 49 local initiatives receive over 3 million euros.

With CityLab010, the municipality of Rotterdam supports initiators from Rotterdam with a progressive plan for the city. This year is the seventh time. From 150 applications in total, 49 got a budget according to CityLab010’s expert city jury.

Notable this year is a large number of plans with a sustainable character. “A beautiful development,” says alderman Arno Bonte (Sustainability). “More than half of the awarded initiatives contribute to making Rotterdam greener, healthier and more sustainable.”

Many initiatives had a topical theme in the field of digitalisation, sustainability, employment, and inclusion. The jury report 2021 lists all 49 winning initiatives one by one.

Winners of Citylab010

Among the notable winners are: WEAR (a shop where people can get their sneakers cleaned with sustainable cleaning products, they also sell second-hand trainers) and Peloris reuses textile to make company clothing. Forest Wool is a new material made from pine needles by Tamara Orjola. Urban Reef is making new techniques to contribute to a sustainable, low maintenance greening of the city.

Byewaste makes it easy to get rid of items you no longer use and helps you to manage and recycle all your unwanted items. Oase is a place with a mission: planet first.

Blooming Bakery is a social enterprise where the most delicious pastries are prepared with care and love by bakers with a history of domestic violence. De Makerij is a social workshop for creative craftsmanship where one can work with wood, ceramics, leather and textiles or precious metals. Speaksee is the first microphone system able to transcribe up to 9 persons accurately.

Fun Forest got rewarded a budget for Spider City. A unique indoor climbing facility where children can fly like real heroes. Wearing special gloves, they climb the tallest attractions like a spider and fly in an old AVR factory in the southern part of the city.

Kids can fly like heroes in Spider City
Kids can fly like heroes in Spider City

Wild card

Urban Sun by internationally regarded designer Daan Roosegaarde got a wild card. Inspired by the light of the sun, and backed by
scientific research that proves a new, specific light can safely clean up to 99.9% of the coronavirus, Studio Roosegaarde launched the world’s first Urban Sun.

New round

In 2022 there will again be opportunities for enterprising Rotterdammers. Check the website and socials of the municipality and CityLab010. Alderman Roos Vermeij: “Do you have a good idea for the city? Then apply for the new round of CityLab010 in 2022.”

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