Streetwear brand Hedone presents a new collection

Hedone is a streetwear brand that aims to raise awareness about recreational drug consumption. The Rotterdam-based company also aims to reduce crime by offering risk youth an alternative way of earning income and gaining status. The new collection is presented today (February 24) at Gemaal op Zuid.

The new collection celebrates the influence of early New York street culture in contemporary pop culture. Hip-Hop has had a tremendous influence on music, dance, art, and fashion. Nowadays this influence even reaches the ‘higher social’ layers. This trend is translated into a number of essential streetwear items. Executed in luxurious materials like corduroy and with a leading role for royal blue. All gear is produced responsibly, socially and sustainably in the Netherlands, or at factories affiliated with the Fair Wair Foundation.

During the presentation in het Gemaal op Zuid (made possible by Cultuur Concreet) there is music, art and spoken word by local artists like Mo Jakob, Tiziana and Ruhwel. Barber Mellie offers haircuts and there will also be a living model showcasing some of the products. During the Hang Out Session (February 24th, 5 to 10 PM. Entrance is free) the clothes can be purchased at a discount. From Friday, February 25th the collection is available at the webshop, Cuts & Locks on Teilingerstraat and the ABCND Store in Amsterdam.

History of Hedone

The idea for the Hedone came from Marco den Dunnen. Besides being an inspector at Rotterdam Police he is also the co-founder of Heilige Boontjes. A social enterprise to help youngsters gain experience at this local coffee brand and restaurant. He was supported by Friends for Brands and their Friends Foundation, Niem Tewarie (co-founder of creative agency FFONO), and the Municipality of Rotterdam.

Part of the new collection of Hedone
Part of the new collection of Hedone

To introduce the brand there was a remarkable soft launch at the Dutch Design Week in 2019. Like actual dealers, Hedone had young students hand out pony packs (which usually contain drugs) to unassuming visitors. Inside they found a number that led back to the brand. Customers would get their stuff through the window of a car. As if it was an actual drug deal together with the reason behind this brand.

Since then there have been local collaborations with Iwan Smit, Rotterdam Street Culture Week and Cult North to further create awareness involving the use of drugs and its invisible expenses.

Hedone furthermore activates youngsters through masterclasses. Under the guidance of professionals and experts, they are introduced to the basic principles of the design and creation process, styling, storytelling and entrepreneurship. The aim is to use these masterclasses to work towards a collection and thus to give the young people a positive impulse. In addition, Hedone offers the opportunity for a traineeship or a job.

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