Peeking neighbours Gluren bij de Buren

Peeking at the neighbours

It’s a typically Dutch quirk. Looking in through the windows of neighbors. Dutch people don’t mind you peering into their homes. Many people never close their curtains or blinds. Often, people don’t even have curtains or blinds. It’s the inspiration of a small scale festival: Gluren bij de Buren. Which translates in: Peeking at the neighbours.

On Sunday, September 5, 2021, two small-scale festivals have joined forces to offer entertainment in gardens, corona-proof. The annual festival Gluren bij de Buren (Peeking at the Neighbors) has been shifted to summer this edition, to join forces with the summer equivalent: Struinen in de Tuinen (Strolling through Gardens). Thereby the performances this year will be moved from the living rooms to the gardens of participants. It’s the perfect way to get to know the city as an expat or international student.

Both amateurs and experienced artists get assigned a stage in one of the gardens spread throughout Rotterdam. Three performances take place in each of those gardens. That way visitors can put together a nice route along the performances in their (own) neighbourhood. This year you can even integrate your personal route in Google Maps.

Listening at your neighbours

This year you can visit allotment garden Eigen Hof as several owners host a stage. But also homeowners at the stately Heemraadssingel, Rotterdamse Rijweg, Tsjaikofskilaan, Terbregse Rechter Rottekade and Albert Camusplaats make their garden available for shows.

You can expect a diverse program with poets, theater makers, singer-songwriters but also a complete shanty choir at the Remmet van Milplaats or an Indonesian artist who is doing her master’s degree at Codarts. Nadine Makalew combines American Black Gospel with gamelan elements. She will perform at the Soldanellestraat.

The Skyline Sisters is a women’s choir, specialised in Barbershop. You can hear their close harmony singing at the Gordelweg. The Frontiers will play their Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in the quiet surroundings of historic Overschie!

General information
Date: Sunday, September 5, 2021
12 – 5 PM.
Pay what you want or

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