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Nacht van de Kaap offers a notorious night to remember

Not all that long ago, Katendrecht was a fairly insalubrious part of town. Welcoming sailors from all corners of the world. During cultural festival Nacht van de Kaap that notorious past is celebrated on Saturday, September 3.

On the quay next to SS Rotterdam there is enough entertainment. On the former cruise ship, there are even more edgy acts. Until deep in the night there is music, theatre, and storytelling. This mix of nostalgia and current amusement always proves to be a tremendous success.Β 

On the line-up are international artists like Moonlight Benjamin (see coverphoto), James Taylor Quartet, Dede Priest & Johnny Clark’s Outlaws and Meta and the Cornerstones. But also local astists like Git Hyper, Het Gezelschap, Merol, De Wannabiez and Dj Bootsy Paul are present at Nacht van de Kaap.

Tickets are available here.

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