Hotel Not Hotel Rotterdam

Hotel Not Hotel Rotterdam offers 36 artful rooms

The unique concept Hotel Not Hotel opens a branch in Rotterdam. Hotel Not Hotel Rotterdam is located in one of Rotterdams ugliest buildings near Central Station. Part of the complex is completely transformed into 36 rooms, designed by various well-known artists. Jesús Malverde is the related Mexican restaurant and cocktail bar.

As the name suggests, Hotel Not Hotel is not a standard hotel. In essence, it fits the description but those who step inside and look around immediately understand why this is more than a hotel. Artists like Arno Coenen, Hans van Bentem, Sander Wassink and Jelle Mastenbroek designed the rooms in a wide variety of styles. The hotel opens November 15.

Bruno Bont, one of the owners of Hotel Not Hotel: ”In our hotels we aim to create an exceptional experience for our guests. The exterior of the rooms gives you a museum-worthy feeling.”

Two courtyards serve as social environments
Two courtyards serve as social environments

”Rotterdam is a logical place for us to open our second branch. The striking architecture and the idiosyncratic character of the city fit in seamlessly with the concept of Hotel Not Hotel,’ adds co-owner Tijmen Receveur.

Artistic spectacle

The hotel in Rotterdam, which is only 250 metres from Rotterdam Central Station, has 36 rooms, 3 have a jacuzzi in the room. The rooms are hidden behind bookshelves for example or disguised as artistic objects. The open character of the hotel is characterised by the fact that there are no anonymous hotel corridors. Two courtyards serve as social environments where guests can get together.

The vertical swimming pool at Hotel Not Hotel Rotterdam
The vertical swimming pool at Hotel Not Hotel Rotterdam

Artist Arno Coenen (known for the ceiling of the Markthal) says: ‘When my fellow artists and I were asked to create creative designs for Hotel Not Hotel, nothing was too crazy. I designed a cuckoo clock, which functions as the façade of a number of rooms. But there is also a Candy House and a vertical swimming pool! The number of different designs should make the guests go on a voyage of discovery through the hotel.”

Locals come to Jesús

Jesús Malverde will also open at the hotel. The restaurant can seat 85 guests inside and at least 90 guests outside on the terrace. In the restaurant, visitors can enjoy dinner and cocktails 7 days a week until late at night. There is also the possibility of take-out and delivery. The menu will mainly consist of Mexican street food or antojitos with a focus on tacos. The only authentic Mexican tortilla baker in the Netherlands provides the tortillas daily.

Mexican restaurantt and cocktail bar Jesús Malverde
Mexican restaurant and cocktail bar Jesús Malverde

The interior of the restaurant is an extension of the hotel and follows the artistic approach with a unique and daring interior. Jesús Malverde mainly focuses on the Rotterdam crowd and local residents. In combination with the hotel guests, this creates a nice mix of locals and tourists.

Hotel Not Hotel has plans to further develop the surrounding area in cooperation with the Municipality of Rotterdam. Dennis Vermeulen, Operational Director: “We find it important to give something back to the city and the immediate surroundings of the hotel. Therefore, we will come up with initiatives to incorporate art and colour into the streetscape and thus create a very pleasant environment for both local residents and visitors.”

The adjacent Groothandelsgebouw will also soon undergo a transformation and will attract even more businesses and visitors, partly due to the arrival of a new food hall. “Hotel Not Hotel is also looking to collaborate with Groothandelsgebouw to combine working, staying overnight, dining, and social gatherings. With our hotel and restaurant, we are early adopters of this future new hotspot. We look forward to all the plans the city of Rotterdam has in mind for this area,” Dennis continues.

Want some candy
Want some candy

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