Hotel Not Hotel

Hotel Not Hotel expands to Rotterdam

As the name suggests, Hotel Not Hotel offers more than just an overnight stay. Guests don’t sleep in a common room but in large objects designed by artists. There is already a hotel in Amsterdam, in Rotterdam soon a new Hotel Not Hotel opens next to the Central Station. 

Hotel Not Hotel already opened its door in Amsterdam in 2014. It was Bruno Bont who originally came up with the initial plan. Being an entrepreneur, Bruno is always looking for new opportunities. His long-time friend Tijmen Receveur had experience in the
business. It simply made sense to team up. Their place immediately drew the attention of the global hotel scene. Its combination of the artistic rooms and lobby, local social function, and laidback atmosphere quickly attracted curious travelers from all over the world.

As the Amsterdam hotel works they were looking to bring the HNH experience to a second city in the Netherlands. An unexpected space in the notorious Weenahof (already known for Miniworld) will house the surprising concept.

Designing Hotel Not Hotel

The rooms are designed by artists like the Rotterdam-based Arno Coenen, Sander Wassink and Hans van Benthem. Van Benthem is responsible for The Candy House, one classic story is transformed into a two-story building full of colorful delight. Over-the-top decorations in ceramic and sculptured wood lure in whoever gets lost in the urban forest that is Rotterdam. This room represents all the sweet temptations modern-day hedonists may desire. From cookie windows to liquor bottles.

The Cuckoo Clock by Arno Coenen (known for his design for Markthal) is a powerful expression of some of the artist’s personal passions. It is a pretty sizable rendition of a classic cuckoo clock. But decked out with Marshall amplifiers, massive heavy metal guitars: a tribute to the maker’s favorite band Slayer, plenty of skulls, and two giant Viking swords to set the mood.

Jelle Mastenbroek had designed a Vertical Swimming Pool and other great ideas are also turned into original rooms.

A cocktail at Jesús Malverde
A cocktail at Jesús Malverde. Photo by Kirsten van Santen

Not only guests can experience all art. Locals can visit the Mexican restaurant and a cocktail bar and also be amazed by all works of art. Jesús Malverde has a fiercely red interior and is filled with inviting lounge sofas. They serve a pretty mean cocktail, especially with plenty of mezcal and tequila, and it’s the only bar in Holland with Corona beer on tap!

On the menu is Mexican streetfood, better known as antojitos. These modestly sized snacks are chock-full of flavor, color, spices, and herbs. The fresh taco tortillas come from the only authentic taco bakery in Holanda. This type of Mexican cuisine caters to all needs, including those of our vegetarian friends.

Soon open at Schaatsbaan 83.

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