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Opening of the beach season in Hoek van Holland

Rotterdam sure has a beach. Hoek van Holland is a lively seaside resort that borders onto the North Sea and Nieuwe Waterweg. Beach season opens on Ascension Day (May 26). There are a lot of activities like a fair and shows from big names at the beach clubs.

Hoek van Holland was founded in 1864 at the time the Nieuwe Waterweg was created. In the 19th century, Rotterdam experienced capacity problems due to increasing numbers of visiting ships. That’s why they created a new channel. Many laborers and staff of the Dutch ministry of infrastructure and the environment settled down in Hoek van Holland due to these activities. It became part of the city of Rotterdam in 1914.

Hoek van Holland developed into a unique seaside resort. The beach and the Nieuwe Waterweg, with all its ship movements, became a large tourist attraction. Unfortunately, Hoek van Holland severely suffered from the German occupation during the Second World War. The Germans made Hoek van Holland a well guarded and strategic part of their Atlantikwall. Until this day, World War II has left visible marks in Hoek van Holland

After the war it developed in many ways and again became well known as a sparkling seaside resort. With it’s beautiful boulevard, many parks, striking walking and cycling routes, several unique museums, the Stena-ferry to Harwich and the world-famous Maeslantkering all make the coastal town very attractive.

Party at Villa on the beach and Royal

The large boulevard offers several pavilions like Villa on the Beach, Beachclub Royal and Uluwatu . They go all out May 26 during the opening of Beach season.

Villa on the Beach offers Skihut on Tour, with performances from DJ Laurens, John West, Bizzey, the Rotterdam-based Diaz & Bruno, La Fuente, Sleazy stereo and DJ Dekker. Tickets can be bought here.

Diaz & Bruno play Villa on the Beach
Diaz & Bruno play Villa on the Beach

Beachclub Royal has a Royal stage with Snollebollkes, Mart Hoogkamer, Tony Junior, Sjaak, Bombastic, Jody Bernal and others. Tickets are now available here.

In town, you’ll find restaurants like Hotel Amerika and Unicum if you want to take it easier. 

Photo: Rob van der Teen

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