Hotel Amerika Halloween

Hotel Amerika welcomes Halloween

After an eventful history. Hotel Amerika in Hoek van Holland, is once again fulfilling its original function. The beautiful villa that houses the hotel has been in existence since 1902. During the war, the Germans turned it into a cinema. After the war, it became a discotheque. And now, after several years of vacancy, it is agaan a hotel with allure and grandeur.

As the hotel once was the place passengers leaving for the United States of America spent their last night in the Netherlands it embraces American traditions in its hotel concept near the beach.

The interior is inspired by art deco with velvet upholstered furniture and lavish bathtubs. The culinary bistro has marble tables and many golden elements. The restaurant’s menu flirts with American cuisine. Think spare ribs, smoked brisket and juicy burgers for which you can choose your own toppings.

Hotel Amerika serves American cuisine. Like juicy burgers for which you can choose your own toppings
Hotel Amerika serves American cuisine. Like juicy burgers for which you can choose your own toppings

If you prefer fish or veg, there is also plenty to choose from. For example, beetroot tartare with basil mayonnaise and a beetroot bitterball, roasted potatoes, roasted corn cobs and for dessert, pineapple on the barbecue with white chocolate ice cream and pistachio.

Haunted Hotel Amerika

During Halloween, Hotel America becomes the Haunted Hotel of Horror. From 28 October to 31 October 2021, guests can enjoy a terrifying stay. From dinner with bloody burgers and severed phalanges to a blood-curdling ghost tour and a terrifying overnight stay, guests can enjoy a night of fun and games.

Linda Geers, Managing Director of Hotel America, says: “After a horror year of quarantine and locked doors, we thought it would be a fitting idea to continue this theme with Halloween. As we have been associated with America for over a century, we like to be inspired by how they celebrate this holiday. America is progressive when it comes to celebrating special moments such as baby showers, Halloween and Thanksgiving. These moments are also increasingly celebrated in the Netherlands. We have noticed that our guests react very positively to the possibilities we offer them to reflect on these special life events. As a team, we are looking forward to the special Halloween evening that we have in store for our guests.

It is also possible to stay the night for those who dare. Beware there can be monsters under your bed or in the closet. The special Halloween packages can be booked from Thursday 28 October to Sunday 31 October 2021 at:Β
There are two dinner shifts per evening: one at 5 PM and one at 8 PM.Β  Bookings for a hotel stay plus dinner (excluding drinks) for two people start at 230 euros. A separate dinner is 55 euros without drinks. The special ghost tour is offered to all guests.

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