Charlotte Wooning designs bracelets to wear forever

Rotterdam-based jewelry designer Charlotte Wooning has created a new collection of permanent bracelets. As they are soldered directly to the wrist in Charlotte’s atelier at the Delftsestraat. As the three bracelets cannot come off they are a beautiful seal of love, friendship, or any other special bond.

The bracelets don’t have a clasp. So they are extra comfortable. There is a choice of three types of links (gourmet, cut anchor and jasseron) in 14-karat recycled gold. This is the most sustainable, human- and planet-friendly gold choice. Because there is an awful lot of it, it is the only logical choice for Charlotte Wooning. The prices for the bracelets range from €149 to € 174.

The three types of links as designed by Charlotte Wooning

Charlotte Wooning: “Gold is forever. It originated in the universe billions of years ago and descended to Earth. It travels countless light years through space and is now worn by us as jewelry. I continue to find that special and make my jewelry as timeless, loving, and durable as the material itself. The idea for these bracelets arose from this: forever feeling. Like the material, they stay with you forever.”

Charlotte Wooning has integrated sustainability

An appointment must be made to have these permanent bracelets soldered at the ateluier of the regarded jewelry designer with a boutique at Hoogstraat. After the Willem De Kooning Academy and a flirtation with fashion, she focused on jewelry, particularly design and craft. Charlotte Wooning has integrated sustainability as an important pillar in the business. Everything is designed and made in the Netherlands. Orders are made only after they are ordered, so there is never any overproduction. In addition, 95% recycled gold is used. She has worldwide outlets and a load of experience with the market, the gold, silver and jewelry industry.

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