Vlaamsch Broodhuys - Inside Rotterdam

Vlaamsch Broodhuys

Vlaamsch Broodhuys introduces new cookies Vlaamsch Broodhuys bakes the way top chefs cook: by combining high-quality ingredients with culinary inspiration and years of experience. Their mission is to let people enjoy the best and healthiest bread. A pastry department and a deli were eventually added to the bakery. Pastries, cakes, sandwiches with a variety of …

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The harvest for fresh produce from Rotterdam

The Harvest

In need of a meal with plenty of vegetables? Go to The Harvest! At least 80 percent of the vegetables come from farmers in the Rotterdam area. From caramelized parsnip with pecans to grilled chicken fillet with lemon; the produce on your plate has been picked from the fields the day before. You’d rarely get …

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Maideh Healthy Bar

Maideh Healthy Bar

According to the Iranian owner Maideh Pourmanaf, a good salad comes down to the dressing. Dressings based on caviar, saffron, barberry, ginger, avocado and pure honey deliver a taste experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the city. Not to mention, salads from Maideh Healthy bar are all homemade, 100% sugar-free and entirely …

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Cotazur by Rosso


For over twenty years, Rosso was culinary hotspot on the Westelijk Handelsterrein. Now on the other side of town in Kralingen, Cotazur by Rosso comes with a new name and a slightly new menu. Close to the Boerengat marina, the restaurant now also offers – as you might expect from the name – delicious French …

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Spanish cuisine is an all-time favourite: tapas never get boring. These modest, tasty dishes are ideal for shared dining – and lunching. So many people, so many flavours, so many tapas. From classic to modern and everything in between – a day without tapas is a day not lived. Words: Dijlan van Vlimmeren Destino Walk …

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Culinary party at Nesselande From Thursday 29th to Saturday 31st of August, CuliNESSE celebrates its ninth edition of the culinary music festival. In Rotterdam-Nesselande you can once again enjoy culinary delights from several renowned restaurants in the region, performances by famous artists and numerous other activities. This year’s line-up features Di-rect, Clouseau, Waylon, Guus Meeuwis, …

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Dimitri Roels from Vlaamsch Broodhuys

Sourdough Magic

Dimitri Roels (1969) always wanted to be a baker, but it took a few detours before he got there. He’s all the better for it and now finally pursuing his calling. Together with his wife Diante, Dimitri now runs ‘sourdough empire’ Vlaamsch Broodhuys (‘Flemish Bread House’). Their bakery in Schiedam supplies fresh bread to its …

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Walk into Destino and you know you have reached your destination. Destino serves next level tapas. After nine years, ownership has recently changed hands as Niels Koomans and Nelleke Elbert handed over the Spanish baton from Niels Koomans. He has hardly touched the concept, however, whereas lunch was previously not on the menu at Destino, …

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