Casper now also serves Rotterdam

Casper is a ghost kitchen pioneer and modern-day food hall that originated in Belgium. It’s possible to order from several virtual restaurants at once. It has opened a location at the Pannekoekstraat 81A.

Casper’s customers can order from a variety of 10 virtual restaurants: either through delivery or takeout. The menu is for all tastes: from Gloria’s baked pasta and Barney’s burgers to healthy salads, bagels, or a completely vegan brand in collaboration with The Vegetarian Butcher. One can order directly through the virtual restaurant or via Casper; where you can mix and match these different brands into 1 order with 1 delivery. The chain of hybrid kitchens is currently active in Ghent, Antwerp, Leuven, Brussels, Liège and Bruges.

Casper has a zero-waste policy and strives to work with local suppliers. Within 30 minutes Casper’s meals are delivered to your door or ready for takeaway. Thanks to the process-driven production kitchens where technology, food, and operations are in balance. In this whole process, product quality is key. The restaurant chain works with Thuisbezorgd and Uber Eats.

Unlike other ghost kitchens, Casper is very visible in the streets: no shuttered windows in a back street, but open and transparent locations, with clear and recognizable branding, technology to place walk-in orders and waiting areas for the delivery riders.

Matthias Laga, co-founder & CEO of Casper: “Our ambition is to have 50 locations internationally by 2024. After The Hague and Rotterdam, we have Eindhoven, Utrecht and Amsterdam planned for the Netherlands.”



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