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Restaurant STER is the second endeavour by Terry Priem and Esther van Otterloo

Chef Terry Priem and his wife Esther van Otterloo started Gastrobar STER in 2019 in Kralingen. Restaurant STER will be their second business. It’s located at Honingerdijk 265 at the former site of restaurant Fred.

Restaurant STER will be the bigger brother of Gastrobar STER. Chef-owner Terry Priem: “In the relatively small Gastrobar, we ran out of space for preparing our events, as well as kitchen and storage space. In addition, we have always had the ambition to open a second business and to cook at a slightly higher level. When Fred Mustert came to visit, he marveled at our small kitchen. When he mentioned that he wanted to sell his restaurant at the Honingerdijk because he was moving, we immediately went around the table. From December we will have two restaurants, so we can offer guests a choice. Whether they want to eat casual or more upscale.”

A fine-dining restaurant

Terry Priem: “We will still maintain a nice atmosphere, but as a fine-dining restaurant, we will serve a little more sophisticated dishes. We have room for a beautiful specially-made cheese trolley and a special Bolgheri wine list with Super Tuscans.

In the first weeks of December, the interior will be placed. Esther van Otterloo: “The tables will get a beautiful epoxy top in azure blue. Other eyecatchers will also be in the striking Lapis lazuli-shade.”

Grafitti is incorporated throughout, just like at Gastrobar. The name STER was chosen because it was Terry’s tag when he was a graffiti artist. His signature is incorporated into the logo of both businesses. In addition, their daughter’s name is Nova, which stands for star, and the letters STER are off course part of then name: Esther.

Chef Terry Priem (43) worked as a chef at Rotterdam establishments such as Schelling’s, MOOII, and at Allure, where he was co-owner of from 2011 to 2018. In March 2019, he opened Gastrobar STER, together with his wife Esther van Otterloo. She worked as aΒ graphic designer in various creative positions at agencies. Since 2019, she has devoted herself entirely to STER as she takes care of administration and communication.

Helping STER

As with the opening of Gastrobar STER, fans can lend a helping hand by purchasing vouchers in advance. Esther van Otterloo: “This is possible from as little as two people. For groups of eight people or more, there are opportunities to eat at the VIP table and to have a text or tag written by Terry in the restaurant.”

Restaurant STER will open in mid-December 2022 for groups and from early January 2023 for individual reservations. Reservations can be made through the website. Starting in January, the business will be open Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner and on Saturday for dinner only.

Photo’s: Aldwin van Krimpen

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