Diederik Dam in Zalmhaventoren

De Zalmhaven reaches the top

After almost three years of construction, the highest point of the Zalmhaven is reached. The high-rise tower is now at its definitive 215 meters. October 14 and 15 there’s a big celebration for everyone tot see. Inside Rotterdam already had the privilege to visit the top for a spectacular photo shoot with the architect Diederik Dam.

In the coming magazine, you’ll find an interview with Diederik Dam of Dam & Partners Architecten and Kees Kaan of KAAN Architecten telling everything about this new landmark. With its 215 meters, it will be the tallest residential tower in the Benelux.

The Zalmhaven residential project is located at the foot of the Erasmus bridge and towers the Scheepvaartkwartier. The project comprises three residential buildings with a combined 485 apartments and homes, retail space, and parking facilities.

The architects of de Zalmhaven

The lower 70-meter towers are designed by Kees Kaan of KAAN Architecten and will house 196 apartments and 33 single-family homes. The two mid-rise towers sprout from a solid plinth with clearly marked entrances. Combining both urban and local scales, the new complex feels stately and formal yet also extremely transparent. A white grid façade relates to the traditional, sober architecture of the shipyard and the grid is furthermore a binding motif that links up the various blocks into a unique whole. The footprint of each tower is a split and shifted square, creating more corners and an interesting range of apartments in differing sizes, all with corner windows offering astounding views. The plinth includes family houses with rooftop gardens and has a direct relationship with the surroundings at ground level.

The skyscraper is designed by Diederik Dam of Dam & Partners Architecten and will offer 256 apartments. The tower is clad in natural stone. Notable elements are the balconies and bay windows. They provide even the highest residences with outdoor space and quite brilliant views. The corners of the towers feature large glass windows. By creating a view over the city from the residences at this point, these apparently open corners give a slim appearance. The top floor houses a restaurant, thus making it accessible to the public.

High-altitude livestream

Everyone is invited to take a look at De Zalmhaven on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 October between 8 and 11 PM. Against the backdrop of the evening sky, De Zalmhaven lights up Rotterdam! The internationally renowned dj duo Mind Against will play a high-altitude set which will be live-streamed Thursday, October 14 between 7:30 til 9 PM! The livestream is organised with Audio Obscura. A movement born out of love for underground dance music. Audio Obscura has organised a large number of unforgettable streams in a series of historical and iconic locations.


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