Venco ChocoDrop-UpStore Rotterdam

Experience Venco Choco D’rop in The Koopgoot

The Dutch sure love drop. The rest of the world calls this liquorice. Venco is a famous brand of Dutch liquorice for over 140 years and introduced a unique taste sensation last year. They put drop in a thick layer of delicious Belgian chocolate. To celebrate Choco D’rop there is a store in the Koopgoot. It’s open until the 20th of March.

In the Venco Choco D’rop-up Store senses are constantly surprised. On a chocolate-coloured bench in front of a specially designed Instagram wall, they can capture the chocolate liquorice party on social media.

Visitors can of course taste. At counters that look like enormous Choco D’rop balls vistors can experience the 10 variations and choose a favourite mix of flavours. Next to the 5 existing flavours: Milk, White Salmiac, Pure, Milk Aniseed and Pure Salt there are five new ones; Cookie Cinnamon, Blackcurrant Salmiac, Coconut, Yoghurt Passion Fruit and Salt & Chili. The new flavours of Venco Choco D’rop will be available on the liquorice shelf in the supermarket.

The Venco ChocoDrop-Up Store in the Koopgoot
The Venco ChocoDrop-Up Store in the Koopgoot

Evelien Magnin, Marketing Manager Enjoyment at Cloetta Holland, explains: “We are delighted with the stunning success of Venco Choco D’rop. Everyone who had doubts about the combination of liquorice and chocolate, was immediately convinced after tasting. With the introduction of five new taste sensations, we immediately knew: this calls for a surprising, multi-sensory approach. Thus the idea of the Choco D’rop-up Store was born. And because we wanted to offer as many consumers as possible the opportunity to taste all flavours, we opted for a long-term presence. In the heart of Rotterdam; just like Venco, nice and Dutch and a trendsetter in the world of food.”

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