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Trompenburg organises tantalising Cactus Festival

Trompenburg is a beautifully designed botanic garden boasting a large collection of trees and plants. It also presents succulents, the collective name for succulents including cactus and related plants such as carnivorous plants. March 26 and 27 there is even a Cactus festival.

During the festival there are various workshops, tours and lectures. These take place in and around the desert greenhouse. There is an exhibition of Trompenburg’s unique ‘Living Stones’ collection. There will also be a mini-market where growers will sell their succulents and other fun items. Food of course comes from a Mexican foodtruck, serving delicious nachos, burritos and corn soup. You can bring your own cactus or another succulent plant that is not doing well? Dr. Cactus is available all weekend to give advice!

At the mini-market there are several stands, including the Dutch Succulenta Association, which has been the association for lovers of cacti and other succulents since 1919. SYBotanicA will also have its own stand, where you will find special earth and components such as moss, perlite, bark and gravel, terrariums as well as plants. Sjaan Storsbergen and Wouter Noordeloos will also be present to offer their special collection of succulents, cacti and carnivorous plants.

During the Cactus Festival there are various activities to do. There will be a lecture on keeping and caring (hardy) succulents in your garden. During the workshop ‘Cactus pulling’ participants learn, under the guidance of experts, how to take cuttings. Trompenburg provides participants a cactus, to take home afterward.

In addition, there are guided tours during which the specialists take participants through Trompenburg’s greenhouse. They will guide visitors along the various continents that form the habitats for many of the succulents.



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