The Takeover

New Netflix action thriller The Takeover is set in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a perfect backdrop for films. The city has been the stage for many movies, shows and commercials. From November 1 2022 Netflix presents a new action thriller. The Takeover is set in Rotterdam and stars Holly Mae Brood playing an ethical hacker.

When this ethical hacker named Mel Bandison defuses a data breach for a high-tech self-driving bus, she inadvertently disables an international criminal network. Mel’s life is turned upside down when she is accused of a murder she didn’t commit after the hack. She goes on the run, chased by criminals, and Interpol through a city where there is a camera on every street corner. She goes into hiding with Thomas Deen, a former blind date who unwittingly becomes involved in the chase. In an effort to prove her innocence, Mel seeks out her old mentor Buddy Benschop.

Annemarie van de Mond directed The Takeover. Besides Brood, the other leading role of Thomas is played by Géza Weisz. Also passing by in the movie are Whalid Benmbarek, Susan Radder, Noortje Herlaar and Frank Lammers.


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