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The Next Closet goes De Wasserij

Tens of thousands of women already buy and sell designer items online through The Next Closet. On May 5 The Next Closet comes together with the tastemakers of Rotterdam at De Wasserij.

At the Sint-Agathastraat 54, they offer cocktails, music, and preloved fashion between 1 and 9 PM. Entry to the pop-up is free when you register here and attendees receive €25,- shopping money!

CEO Thalita van Ogtrop started The Next Closet in 2013, together with co-founder Lieke Pijpers. Their goal is to make the fashion industry more sustainable because the textile chain is the second most polluting industry in the world. The Next Closet has grown from a two-girl show to a company of over fifteen people and has expanded to Belgium and the rest of Europe. Tens of thousands of women already buy and sell designer items through the platform.

On the platform, they can choose clothing and accessories from internationally regarded brands like Gucci, Dr. Martens and Yeezy to Dutch designers like Rotterdam-based Joline Jolink and Monique van Heist.

Next to selling the designer items, it’s also possible to donate clothing not suitable for sale to FIFO: First In, First Out. These are charities that are supported by The Next Closet. At the event at De Wasserij, you can bring clothes to donate and swap them for Vrijheidssoep.

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