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Ruud den Haan opens a new store in Kralingen

Ruud den Haan already exists for almost a hundred years and has been on the Kralingse Oudedijk for forty of them. The fishmonger has stayed there. Opening a new bigger store at Oudedijk 133.

The store has moved from Oudedijk 145 to the former bank on the crossing with the Mecklenburglaan. Twin brothers Christiaan and Robert are at the helm of this family business. They are the fourth generation. They are regarded as one of the prime stores for seafood in Rotterdam for years. People from all over Rotterdam and its surroundings come to Kralingen for the extensive assortment.

The range is very wide. From herring, shrimps, and salmon to more exclusive (seasonal) fish. Think of monkfish, wild halibut, red snapper or parrotfish. But also vongole, different kinds of oysters, mussels or lobsters are available at Ruud den Haan.

For a number of years, they already have had their own smoke oven, in which they brine and smoke the salmon themselves.

Ruud den Haan also sell sandwiches and ready-to-eat dishes next to wine and other products that go well with fish.

The new store of Ruud den Haan
The new store of Ruud den Haan

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday: 8 AM – 6 PM
Saturday: 8 AM – 4 PM
Sunday and Monday: Closed

Photos: Frank de Roo

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