Punjabi Food opens second restaurant in the Markthal


Punjabi Food is already located at Stadhuisplein. It has opened a second restaurant in the Markthal. At both locations they cater to the exotic, spicy and delectable authentic Indian Cuisine.  Both restaurants serve Indian Cuisine, mainly originating from Punjab. There are many dishes and styles of cooking in Punjab. There is vegetarian thali, Punjabi thali, […]

MixBlik cans chances for women of the world


Rotterdam is a very diverse city, with a lot of nationalities. But not everybody came here by choice. MixBlik offers refugees (women of the world) a new chance by canning their locally produced meals based on traditional cuisine.  As the participants often have difficulty finding a job and by working at MixBlik they gain experience. […]

Bistrot du Bac enriches Katendrecht with La Petite Soeur

La petite soeur ©La Petite Soeur Anne Kære Fotografie

Bistro du Bac is a stronghold at the Deliplein in Katendrecht. A charming place for French Cuisine. In addition to running that restaurant, the owners have opened a little sister at just a stone’s throw away. La Petite Soeur offers drinks and small dishes. La Petite Soeur originated during lockdown. Overnight the owners Joost en […]