MixBlik cans chances for women of the world

Rotterdam is a very diverse city, with a lot of nationalities. But not everybody came here by choice. MixBlik offers refugees (women of the world) a new chance by canning their locally produced meals based on traditional cuisine. 

As the participants often have difficulty finding a job and by working at MixBlik they gain experience. The canning factory is a safe workplace where they can develop themselves and allow their talents to flourish. The social enterprise offers women from different countries and food cultures a learning-working path. With a focus on motivation, own strength, ownership, work competencies, and networking. Training in hygiene, catering, PR, communication, administration, and first aid is also part of the course.

That way they get the opportunity to develop professionally, build up a network and fully participate in Dutch society. They are involved in all parts of the business process. From cooking to canning. And from sales to developing the dishes. At the moment they can humus with roasted garlic and lentil stew with herbs from East Africa.

The hummus and lentil stwe of MixBlik
The hummus and lentil stwe of MixBlik

The cans (designed by Caroline Ellerbeck) are sold at Wijkpaleis and at the Rotterdamse Oogstmarkt, together with fresh meals. Soon the preserves are available at the webshop. There will be more stews and other meals. As delicious food brings people together.

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