Punjabi Food opens second restaurant in the Markthal

Punjabi Food is already located at Stadhuisplein. It has opened a second restaurant in the Markthal. At both locations they cater to the exotic, spicy and delectable authentic Indian Cuisine. 

Both restaurants serve Indian Cuisine, mainly originating from Punjab. There are many dishes and styles of cooking in Punjab. There is vegetarian thali, Punjabi thali, chicken thali, and dal chawal. Customers can enjoy different types of salad like grilled chicken salad, salmon salad and Punjabi salad. The biryani is cooked from basmati rice mixed with original spices like cardamon, cloves bayleaves and many more. There are many types of biryani like prawn biryani and vegetarian biryani. The naan bread is prepared in front of the visitor’s eye. For those who are unfamiliar with Indian cuisine, this is the way to come and taste it. Lovers can indulge their taste buds at a reasonable price.

With views from the roof terrace on the Binnenrotte and the colorful ceiling, one can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take-away and home delivery is also possible. Punjabi Food can be found near the entrance at the Blaak side, at units 86 and 88.


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