De Bonte Koe opens a chocolate store in Kralingen

De Bonte Koe Bonbons en bouchées

De Bonte Koe is a regional phenomenon. The chocolate company was founded in 1992 in Schiedam but already operates a chocolate store at the Nieuwe Binnenweg 112 and expands with a store in Kralingen that will open this October. By opening an additional store at Lusthofstraat 33A, De Bonte Koe wants to improve the accessibility […]

Stadshagel is a new twist on Dutch chocolate bread topping


Are grown-ups really eating chocolate sprinkles on their toast at lunch? People are surprised by the typical Dutch habit of hagelslag. Now two twins from Rotterdam introduce a new twist to 87-year-old tradition: Stadshagel. Olaf and Marise Ouwerkerk are fervent lovers of chocolate sprinkles. They came up with the idea of developing sprinkles in the […]

Experience Venco Choco D’rop in The Koopgoot

Venco ChocoDrop-UpStore Rotterdam

The Dutch sure love drop. The rest of the world calls this liquorice. Venco is a famous brand of Dutch liquorice for over 140 years and introduced a unique taste sensation last year. They put drop in a thick layer of delicious Belgian chocolate. To celebrate Choco D’rop there is a store in the Koopgoot. […]

Johnny Doodle presents chocolate based on Dudok’s famous apple pie

Johnny Doodle Dudok

Dudok Horeca Group keeps celebrating its 30th anniversary. An essential part of its history was the introduction of apple pie. Now together with Johnny Doodle, Dudok created a limited edition chocolate bar to celebrate the special occasion. It’s based on the secret recipe of the artisanal apple pie with fresh apples, sultanas and cinnamon, covered […]

‘nJoy Chocolate

At ‘nJoy Chocolate, a new chocolatier in town, you will find chocolates of many different sizes and flavours. The store opened its first branch in Dordrecht and has been running successfully there for years. And now, Rotterdammers can also enjoy these delicious chocolates on the Nieuwe Binnenweg. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by that […]