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Johnny Doodle presents chocolate based on Dudok’s famous apple pie

Dudok Horeca Group keeps celebrating its 30th anniversary. An essential part of its history was the introduction of apple pie. Now together with Johnny Doodle, Dudok created a limited edition chocolate bar to celebrate the special occasion.

It’s based on the secret recipe of the artisanal apple pie with fresh apples, sultanas and cinnamon, covered with a delicious crumb coating. Normally a cake weighs almost 3 kilograms. The chocolate bar also contains large chunks of chocolate with delicious chunks of apple cinnamon, sultanas, and biscuits.

Who’s Johnny Doodle

Johnny Doodle was founded in 2015 when the owner bought a chocolate factory in Rotterdam. His motivation was purely driven by his love for food and his vision to create better chocolate. This is where the adventure started. He got help from a friend who was a food technologist, in exchange for dinner and a good glass of wine!

The first chocolate bars were created by just trying out different combinations, testing, tasting and experimenting. Big chunks of chocolate with big chunks of toppings were the end result. The main supermarkets in The Netherlands were excited right off the bat and started selling the bars within 6 months and in 2016 it already won the award for Best Product Introduction in 2016.

Meanwhile, suppliers from Belgium were visiting the factory every day to provide us with the best possible cocoa. The factory was becoming too big for the residential area where it was located so it was time to move. The new headquarters found its home in Hoeksche Waard, a town just outside of Rotterdam. From there the international breakthrough happened. Chocolate lovers can buy bars in The Netherlands but also in over 8000 stores in the United States and 600 stores in Germany.


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