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Susan Bijl introduces Trash and Stash

The New Shopping Bag was created by Susan Bijl in 2000. After studying at Rotterdam’s Willem de Kooning Academy. The bag is based on the silhouette of a generic plastic bag and became an instant hit in Rotterdam. After that it gained popularity all over the world. It now can be considered a Dutch design classic.

Over time different designs and styles have been introduced. The collection has been broadened with new designs like The New Pouch, The New Backpack, The New Bum Bag and The New Raincoat. Now come The New Trash Bag and The New Stash Bag. Two designs that are made for collecting, storing and discarding stuff!

Whether it’s from one place to another or from your home to a recycling bin, we carry a lot of stuff with us throughout live. The large orifinal shopping bag has always been a favourite to use in these events such as a day at the beach, a weekend trip or getting groceries.

Inspired by these trips and the large amounts of paper and glass recycling piling up in our kitchens, Susan Bijl set out to create two thoughtful and efficient additions.

The two new bag designs are available in 5 different color combinations. On top of that, to complete the collection, Susan has also created four new bum- and shopping bags.

The New Trash Bag

The design motivation for the Trash Bag is to encourage recycling in a colourful and stylish way. The bag is washable (machine wash, 30 degrees) and can be used to collect paper, glass, dirty laundry, stuffed toys and anything else laying around.

It can also be used as an extra-large version of the shopping bag. Modified from the classic large shopping bag design, the top is extended and can be closed with a drawstring and stopper. This extra-large top easily folds back into the shopper, adapting its size. Also added are new handles. It fits about 60 liters and is inspired by the classic trashbag.

The specially designed Trash Rack can make it possible to give the bag a permanent place in your home. The Trash Rack is a custom stand to support The New Trash Bag and The New Shopping Bag.

The New Stash Bag

The New Stash Bag is designed to carry big shopping loads. It has a double-layered bottom and a solid back made from heavyweight fabric. These features make the bag shape-retaining, giving it a more square-like foundation and making it easier to carry stuff upright.

Long sought-after features of The New Stash Bag are the zipper closing and the sewed-in pouch to keep all essentials safe. Also added are new handles: long and short, making it easy to carry heavy loads with a comfortable grip.

The Trash & Stash collection will be released on Friday, September 24th at 10 AM, online at SUSANBIJL.COM and in stores. Susan Bijl has shops at the Mauritsweg and De Achtertuin in Kralingen.

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