You can get fresh and healthy food at Kanen

‘Kanen’ is typical Rotterdam slang and it means eating. So it’s a very appropriate name for a new eaterie offering takeaway and delivery at the Nieuwe-Binnenweg. Kanen is an initiative by chef Friedjof Kempenaar.

He is known for Vega Pop-up. Vegan high dining experiences at different locations throughout the Netherlands. He started this concept in 2014 out of frustration. He discovered little creativity in vegan cuisine. Friedjof trained himself to prepare high-quality dishes and look for qualitative alternatives

He assisted with the start-up of the Uluwatu Beach Club in Hoek van Holland and together with the local catering company Grand Catering Friedjof Kempenaar introduced Vedge. Together they put together a tasty and creative range to respond to the growing demand for vegan dishes.

Creating Kanen

Friedjof Kempenaar – a moderate meat and fish eater himself – offers more than only vegan food at Kanen. You can create your own menu. Start with choosing a fish, meat or a vegan protein like meatballs, shrimps, or oyster mushrooms. Combine this with sides like Broccoli in oyster sauce, Ratatouille with aceto, thyme and garlic or Sweet and sour fennel with orange. Finish it with a Roseval potato salad with rouleaux, a Truffle risotto or a vegan Mac & Cheese. Also on the menu are Veggiebowls and vegan smoothies with coconut yoghurt and vegan wines.

A fresh vegan smoothie with coconut yoghurt
A fresh vegan smoothie with coconut yoghurt

Kanen is located in the former store of EssieDarling on the Nieuwe-Binnenweg. The Nieuwe Binnenweg is the longest shopping street in the Netherlands, connecting the city centre, as in the Oude Binnenweg, with historic Delfshaven. The character of the street is a fascinating mix of neighbourhood shops, trendy lifestyle shops, music stores, good and varied catering establishments and venues.

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