Rotterdam is illuminated. Ossip van Duivenbode

Rotterdam will be illuminated once again

Just like last year, Mothership will make sure a number of light art projects are to be admired in Rotterdam. The first shows are now on in the center. The Coolsingel and Lijnbaan are illuminated.

Last winter Mothership introduced Rotterdam Verlicht! The municipality of Rotterdam asked the cultural concept developer from Rotterdam to create an event that would make the city: The place to be. They introduced Rotterdam Verlicht (or: Rotterdam Illuminated).  Not a short-lived festival, but an annually recurring enrichment that connects the city, entrepreneurs and residents. The aim is to expand the shows into a magical experience the coming years.

Because the Coolsingel has undergone a major metamorphosis, the transformation is highlighted in a unique way with special lighting. Laser beams follow and emphasize the long lines of the Coolsingel. From the two ends of the boulevard, the lasers shine horizontally through and along the trees. They meet each other halfway. The beams slowly fade in and out, up and down, and constantly change colour, creating a beautiful interplay of lines.

If one walks or cycles towards the laser, the long rays seem to go up into the air. When one moves, dancing points of lights can be seen in the trees.


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