Pim Palsgraaf at NL=US Art

Pim Palsgraaf presents Traces of Existence at NL=US Art

NL=US Art is a private gallery that is dedicated to the promotion of emerging and established artists and the advancement of the visual arts in general. From December 10th the solo exhibition ‘Traces of Existence’ by Pim Palsgraaf is on display.

Decay and irregularities in the city inspire the Rotterdam-based artist Pim Palsgraaf. His work is the result of an ever-evolving deeper investigation into the erosion of the city’s interior. The abandoned architectural interior spaces breathe history which makes the atmosphere palpably heavy, and the walls drenched in memories. In these places, the ravages of time are perceptible to the eye.
The constant process of construction and destruction, nihilism and consumerism, life and death are one of the many contradictions from which our world is constructed and which can be found in Palsgraaf’s works.

In the site-specific installations, he responds to the architecture of the space in which the work is located. In addition to large mold-based urban structures. He also creates interior spaces with the common thread of perspective lines used to understand the world around us from a particular system.

A completely sealed dark room

To better understand this system, Palsgraaf decided to explore his own perception and sat in a completely sealed dark room for five days without time or sound. Pretty soon it became clear to him that time is just a concept and perception is a construct of the mind. After this period, he decided to continue with these experiences of time and perception and to explore how to weave and translate these findings into his sculptures and installations. His aim is to transmit these experiences of time and space as strongly as possible to the viewer and in this way to bring the viewer into a moment of silence and total doubt in which all the hold of the world momentarily, but completely, disappears.

About NL=US Art

NL=US Art represents a number of contemporary artists from different disciplines within the visual arts. At the moment they represent Hans van Bentem, Willem Besselink, Ruth Borgenicht, Margriet van Breevoort, Lizan Freijsen, Carel van Hees, Tiwánee van der Horst and Kirsten Hutsch among others.

The gallery also works extensively with the artists Peter George d’Angelino Tap, Pim Palsgraaf, Lily de Bont, Yisu Kim, Andre Kruysen, Wendy Letven, Michael Mapes, Schilte & Portielje, Juliane Schmidt, Flavio Senoner, Maurice Thomassen, Jan Maarten Voskuil and with applied artists Rolf.fr and Mischa van der Wekke. Every artist exhibits their personality through their work in a unique way. Our goal is to make their artwork accessible to the most discerning and receptive audience possible.

The main focus of NL=US Art is to establish a platform for these artists in a global environment. Not only do we handle the marketing and promotion of their work in shows or art fairs like Art Rotterdam, we will also act as their business manager liaison to galleries, collectors, corporate institutions and critics alike.

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