Old Dutch Masters are remastered in Rotterdam

Holland is known for famous painters. The old Dutch Masters such as Van Gogh, Vermeer, Bosch and Rembrandt are now digitally adapted for the new digital audiovisual experience: Remastered. At the Willemsplein, in the ramp of the Erasmusbrug, you can stand, sit, walk and dance in digital versions of renowned paintings.ย 

The very best Dutch digital studios including Woodwork, Y=f(X), and Studio Smack have created a new world inspired by the unearthly creatures of Jeroen Bosch, the colorful scenes of Van Gogh, and the rhythm of Mondrianโ€™s: Victory Boogie Woogie.

“We believe that this new form of entertainment will grow in number and size in the coming years,” says Robin Groenveld, one of the founders of Remastered. “With Remastered, we tried to mix an exhibition and an event.”

Marvin Koppejan, Creative Director of Woodwork: “We came up with a technology that didn’t exist yet. And invented how it works in such a large space. Not only did it have to be technically exceptional, but it also had to be exceptionally beautiful to experience.”

Areas full of astounding beauty

Located in the Erasmusbrug, next to the Spido, six areas have been build. In the Digital Playground visitors can create their own 3D-Digital Art by drawing and scanning images. It will be shown on the biggest indoor LED-screen in Europe. In Blackout Alley there is the first encounter with some of the creatures by Jeroen Bosch. In the Underworld you’ll be immersed by numerous fish. Walk through the clouds next and gaze at flocks of birds in the Overworld. Finish in the garden of earthly delights. On the outdoor terrace, you can recover from all the impressions and take in the real-life wonder of the Rotterdam skyline and the busy Maas river.


Remasted is aย unique 60-minute experience including a waterfall door, flying your own UFO on a giant LED screen, interacting with schools of fish and sailing over the clouds. It will open july 30th, tickets are already available.

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