Quinteto Irreal

Quinteto Irreal presents their first album in de Doelen

Quinteto Irreal is an international, new urban tango project based in Rotterdam. On April 23, the ensemble presents Volver, its first album with a concert in De Doelen.

With a full set of original arrangements written by the Argentinian pianist and composer Aleksandra Tonelli, the repertoire of this quintet is inspired by the Guardia Vieja-style. It’s fast, playful and fun! Including music from Ástor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel and Horacio Salgán.

This original project puts its own trademark in the tango world. Quinteto Irreal is named after the legendary Quinteto Real, one of the most influential tango quintets of the 20th century. This project combines this unique traditional style with a fresh and authentic artistic view, for curious contemporary listeners.

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