Symphony For Our World in De Doelen

Symphony for Our World in De Doelen

National Geographic brings together music from Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers and the archives of National Geographic for a musical and cinematic tribute to the earth. The Noordpool Orchestra will perform the specially composed symphony October 24 at De Doelen. Tickets are available here

The inspiring 90-minute, live orchestral performance uses groundbreaking imagery and storytelling from over 130 years of National Geographic history matched in perfect synchronization with an orchestra and choir. Beginning in the depths of our mysterious seas, we emerge onto stormy shores, take in vast landscapes and evolving eco-systems, rise to desolate mountain peaks and soar to great heights with stunning views of the pale blue dot we call home. Music and visuals tell a story of the complex yet fragile nature of the fascinating and wondrous eco-systems that allow us to survive and thrive together. Each environment will be accompanied by a different orchestral movement, resulting in a powerful musical tribute to the beauty and wonders of our wild world

Symphony for Our World creates a chorus of celebration in honor of Earth, reminding us why it’s vitally important to conserve, protect and preserve all of our planet’s resources.

”Symphony for Our World has been thrilling audiences worldwide since it premiered,” says Gary Knell, Chairman of National Geographic Partners. ”The show embodies our commitment to inspire people to care about the planet, now. A phenomenal job has been done bringing National Geographic’s 130 years of storytelling to life in a new, incredibly moving format that enables audiences to better understand the world and their place in it.”

Bleeding Fingers scores Symphony

Symphony for Our World combines stunning National Geographic natural history footage with an original symphony. The original symphony and theme are created by Emmy- and BAFTA-nominated Bleeding Fingers Music, featuring composers Austin Fray and Andrew Christie. Bleeding Fingers Music has assembled an exceptional and sonically diverse roster of composers to create superlative original film and television scores. Co-founded by Hans Zimmer, Extreme Music CEO Russell Emanuel, Steven Kofsky and SonyATV, the company’s core belief is that collaboration breeds innovation and working in an environment where the gifted are empowered to be adventurous, experimental and creatively generous results in extraordinary music.

The mesmerizing images from National Geographic are perfectly synchrnonised into an epic whole show with music performed by the Noordpool Orchestra, conducted by Reinout Douma. The Noordpool Orchestra consists entirely of professional musicians and is not afraid of any genre. As part of Cinema In Concert the Noordpool Orchestra has already provided a live soundtrack for several movies.


Coverphoto: Guido Pijper

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