Pesca, Theatre of Fish, opens a restaurant in Rotterdam

In 2016 Pesca started in Amsterdam. But the idea for the concept was once conceived together with Schmidt Zeevis. Now as a result of unprecedented demand from Rotterdam the expansion into our city is the logical next step.

This September Pesca will open a brand new location on the Botersloot. This monumental building by regarded architect J.J.P Oud will also house a new Motto by Hilton Hotel. The restaurant in the former Spaarbank has a surface area of 400 square metres and will offer space for 125 place settings.

Pesca has an innovative view of the experience and business model of a seafood restaurant. With the mission to still be able to sell fish in 100 years time. Visitors choose fish and side dishes at a fish market. There is a dynamic pricing policy. During the day, the fishmongers continuously decrease the price of the fish to sell out all the fish available. This way there is no food waste. The changing supply on the fish market varies depending on daily delivery, seasonal availability, and weather conditions! 

Sven Sallaerts and Jos de Jong founded Pesca
Sven Sallaerts and Jos de Jong founded Pesca

“I have once said that everyone should be able to find a Pesca in his or her city,” says founder Jos de Jong. “The concept is now rock solid and we are ready for expansion.”

With its expansion into Rotterdam, Pesca is going back to its roots. It’s where the adventure began years ago. Founder Sven Sallaerts: ”It is exactly a business which is still missing in Rotterdam. We are really looking forward to making this step!”

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