Peddler delivers products from local entrepreneurs at home

Peddler, a sustainable startup that delivers products from local entrepreneurs within one day, is now available in Rotterdam. After a successful first year in Amsterdam and Utrecht, the online department store can now expand its services thanks to a raised investment.

Partly due to the rise of online shopping, local shopkeepers have been under great pressure for years. The number of retail outlets has decreased by more than 11 percent over the past decade, while the numberย of online shops tripled. And that was even before the
outbreak of Covid-19. As a result, shopkeepers in the centers of large cities had less turnover.

For entrepreneurs in Amsterdam and Utrecht, the launch of Peddler was a welcome extra source of income. Online department store Peddler makes it easy for consumers to shop at local entrepreneurs. With smart machine learning technology, the startup helps retailers to sell their products in a few simple steps. Couriers bring the orders the same day by electric carrier bike. Meanwhile, there are over 400 shops connected to the platform with over 200,000 products. From bakeries and bio shops to toy shops and florists.

The first shop that makes their products available in Rotterdam is It’s a present.

Local businesses are the backbone of our economy

For founder and co-owner James Klymowsky this contribution to the local economy is a crucial part of the company’s mission. Peddler distinguishes itself from the flash delivery services operating from dark stores that have recently become active in many cities. “Local businesses are the backbone of our economy. Our technology makes it easier for these entrepreneurs to flourish. That is good for the quality of life in our cities, and also ensures that our platform can continue to grow. Peddler’s success hinges on the success of the entrepreneurs with whom we work .”

Klymowsky hopes for more local entrepreneurs will work with Peddler. “All products that people are looking for, are for a large part in the shops around them. On our online department store, everyone can continue to buy locally when it is most convenient for them. Online shopping at web giants such as Bol and Amazon will be less neccesary.ย  \This reduces emissions and inconvenience caused by delivery vans. This way Peddler contributes in various ways to the quality of life in the city.”

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