jarreau vandal will play at Notes

Notes Community presents its first festival

Notes is a rather new initiative in Rotterdam. Presenting party’s, bbq’s and other get togethers. September 10, Notes prestens its first festival at Citrusveiling.

With this event, Notes is teaming up with and highlighting individuals and collectives that not only inspire, but also characterize and push the city of Rotterdam forward. Notes partners with Blurry Images, HipHopHuis, iKapitein and others.

They found the monumental Citrusveiling as the location for their first festival. The artists will provide hiphop, afrobeats, Latin, amapiano, soulective and r ‘n b sounds. On the program are Jarreau Vandal, Donn Stone And Band, Jael, FS Green b2b Waxfiend, Sojuju, Tera Kòrá b2b S!rene, Elmer Lopes b2b Mootz, Franky Sticks, Claire Lyons, Sensue, Kevin Kofii, Nala, Della Fox, Veinteunas, Bad Gyals Club SS, Jamey Trevor B2B Kinnari and MC Josimar Gomes.
Tickets can now be ordered here.

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