Blurry Images RTM State of Mind

Blurry Images goes all the way up Zalmhaven

Blurry Images is an upcoming local brand. Reminiscing the surf and skate culture and the New York hiphop fashion scene. Its newest design pays tribute to legendary rapper Nas and Rotterdam.

The Zalmhaven, the already iconic 215-meter skyscraper, embodies the feeling of a city that never sleeps. It immediately reminds of New York. Immediately the song NY STATE OF MIND by hip-hop legend Nas came to mind at the headquarters of Blurry Images. Just like Nas, they used imagery skills to paint a picture of a beloved city. In agreement with the architects, Blurry Images obtained the copyright of the official construction drawings that are used for the graphic. And through a secret source, they managed to organize a photoshoot on the 50th floor. In doing so, it shows a unique view of the city and nods to the nostaligic legacy song: “Nothing’s equivalent to the RTM STATE OF MIND”.

Blurry Images was established in 2020 and operates on a small and local scale with the greatest possible impact and contribution to subcultures and fashion. All to do justice to the vision: “Connecting creatives worldwide.” Blurry Images tries to redefine the ideology and looks of casualwear, inspired by cultural nostalgia.

Blurry Images in support of Palestine

In their shop they offer hoodies, socks, bucket hats, shirts, caps, polo and sweaters. Also on display are accessoires like skatebard decks, Zippo lighters, a carbiner, a pendant chain and a rug.

Earlier the brand put out a capsule supporting Palestine. They sparked some nostalgia and emphasized Palestinian stamps from before 1948, when the country was not yet occupied.  A proof of the long existence of Palestine.

Blurry Images is also part of a current exhibition at Wereldmuseum Rotterdam.

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