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Keti Koti commemorates the abolition of slavery

Every year on 1 July, we celebrate the abolition of slavery in the Netherlands. Keti Koti takes place in  Wijkpark Oude Westen and several other spots. A day before, June 30, there is a solemn memorial service at the Slavery Memorial at the Lloydstraat.

On June 30, the commemoration starts at 6.30 PM. First, there is a flower ceremony in memory of the enslaved people who did not survive the transatlantic crossing. The program will start at 7 PM and consist of speeches by Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb and Carlos Goncalves. The program consists of various performances, including by Mutu Puketi on drums and singer Tamara Nivellac. Poet Anne Vegter will read a poem. Everybody can come to pay tribute to the victims of slavery. It can not be forgotten the Netherlands’ wealth is partly based on centuries of colonial rule and slavery. And still, there is slavery and human trafficking.

Keti Koti is an important celebration

On 1 July, Wijkpark Oude Westen will be bustling with men, women and children in the most beautiful costumes for the celebration. The day revolves around celebration, music, merriment, and good food.

Free Heri Heri

Another initiative celebrating Keti Koti is Free Heri Heri. Heri Heri is a one-pan dish consisting of ground fruit cassava, sweet potato, green and yellow bananas, fried salty fish (cod), and an egg. Nowadays it’s a dish that culturally connects people with ancestors and thus with history. On Friday 1 July Heri Heri is served for free at several spots in the city like Avenue Nine, Hip Hop HuisKunstinstituut Melly, Art Studio Hoogvliet, Het Nieuwe Cafe and Theater Rotterdam.

A Ticket to the Future

Maas Theater and Dance presents A Ticket to the Future as a tribute to Keti Loti on June 30 and July 1. The curators Sue-Ann Bel, Kay Slice, Phillip van der Heijden, and Carole van Ditzhuyzen joined forces and created: A Ticket to the Future.

A Ticket to the Future is a multidisciplinary and multisensory experience at a table. With dishes from the past and proposals for the future.

Music comes from Kay Slice with The Razorblade Band, dance is from Wesley ‘Vayu’ Rommy and Poliana Vieira sings. Amara van der Elst, Elten Kiene, Philip Jean Amadou van der Heijden bring spoken word. Peggy Wijntuin, advocate of knowledge about the history of slavery, tells about the history.


Coverphoto of Sohailly Suaza Guerra, Phillip van der Heijden and Mavis Teodora Eugenio by Leroy Sankes on behalf of Maas Theater and Dance. 


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