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Esther Olofsson, the first virtual influencer in the Netherlands, will go completely digital

Esther Olofsson, the first virtual influencer in the Netherlands created by the Rotterdam-based agency RauwCC, will go completely digital. With this step, she’s ready for the metaverse and makes optimal use of the possibilities of her virtuality.

Esther Olofsson is a fictional character and is active on Instagram where she has more than 43 thousand followers. Esther shows the city of Rotterdam, serving like a city guide. Until recently, she was built by applying CGI and deepfake technology to photos or film images of an existing model. The advantage of this approach was that Esther could move in any setting and interact naturally with people she came into contact with. But it’s a very labor-intensive and expensive technique. Moreover, this technique limited her in her virtuality.

The creatives of RauwCC have now built Esther, her wardrobe and her way of moving completely in 3D. So she can be deployed fully digital. The advantage is that Esther can now easily be fitted into any existing photo or video. Also, the team no longer needs to arrange styling and take a model on the road. Moreover, this upgrade means that much more emphasis can be placed on her virtuality. She can now finally move and even teleport, time travel, and discover the metaverse!

Esther inspires Lou

Since its introduction, Esther has been in the spotlight worldwide and led to new influencers like Lou. He’s the first virtual brand ambassador for Rotterdam-based construction company Dura Vermeer.

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