HubClub lets you work all over Rotterdam

Due to the pandemic, people weren’t allowed to go to the office. So they had to work at home or find alternative working spaces. HubClub gives easy access to most of these coworking spaces in Rotterdam.

The Rotterdam-based company provides a subscription so you can work in several inspiring places like LaatBloeien Rotterdam, WTC Rotterdam Business Center, the circular hub BlueCity, or working at 150 meters high, with a view, in the Euromast.

You can also get behind a desk at WTC Rotterdam Business Center, Erasmus Centre for Entrepeneurship, StartDock Rotterdam, Supernova Hotel and Newday Offices Rotterdam.

Covid-19 has changed the way we think about office culture. Working from home became mandatory and appointments, meetings or events could also be held remotely. Both employers and employees are starting to realise that the future of work will be different. Many large companies are already divesting large parts of their office space and allow their employees to work hybrid: partly at home and partly in the office. People are traveling less and flexible working is gaining momentum.

The founding of HubClub

Meanwhile, employers, employees and freelancers are looking for ways to maintain a professional work environment and have social contact. Coworking spaces are therefore perfect alternatives. HubClub connects the best coworking spaces via a single app, making coworking accessible to everyone. HubClub launched in Rotterdam and they have the ambition to become the subscription for flexible working in the Netherlands.

The idea for HubClub started during the corona crisis. The founders could no longer work at their office but wanted to get out. So they visited different coworking spaces in order to work in a more focused way. Inspired by subscriptions for different gyms they created HubClub.

Wise is also from Rotterdam and offers a similar service. But it’s a platform for booking a space to work in well-known restaurants and lunchrooms such as Teds, Weena, Mooie Boules, Anne & Max and Yoghurt Barn. 

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