Hotel New York: story of pioneers

A city icon full of history

Emigrants once left in droves on board the Holland America Line, steaming across the ocean to the other side of the world in search of happiness and a new life. There’s a different sort of pressure these days in the old Holland America Line head office, where management once sat behind their leather-encrusted desks gazing out towards the North Sea. But every nook and cranny of this old 1901 building, with its 38-metre-high tower, still oozes history.

[Photo: Onno Blase]

It was exactly 25 years ago that the Hotel New York received its first guests. This is a milestone that is being celebrated in Museum Rotterdam with a comprehensive exhibition about this important city icon. Films, photos and wonderful stories illustrate the significance of this special place, which is also a symbol of Rotterdam’s prolific evolution.

[Photo: Sem Presser]

Rotterdammers are intrigued by their history (evident in the level of detail given to the models of ships, for example), as are the emigrants who return to marvel at the rejuvenated city. Read interesting stories past and present about port workers, farewell parties and cruises, along with fun hotel facts. Here’s one for you – once a family of goldfish was discovered thrashing about in a bathtub in a deserted hotel room!

Hotel New York, story of pioneers on until 1st November.

Museum Rotterdam, Rodezand 26.

Open Tuesday – Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 11am-17pm

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