Flower heaven in Rotterdam


You don’t need to travel far to enjoy the silence and beauty of nature. Surprisingly, we do actually have some in Rotterdam! The Trompenburg gardens in Kralingen – Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum – are beautiful gardens that are ideal for a peaceful and inspiring walk. You can walk through the gardens at your own pace, stopping to appreciate the nature around you. Or, if you want to learn more about the plants and their origins, you can pick up a paper guide or go on a walk with one of the tour guides, who provide lots of interesting insights. Even business people gather in the gardens and enjoy a meeting surrounded by the plants, flowers and trees. During summer there are special routes for children so they can explore and get to know more about nature as well.

From July to September the Begonia is in bloom. This colourful plant is scattered all over the garden and it has more than 1000 varieties! The park is home to over 4,000 different species of trees, plants and bushes. The landscaped garden was founded in 1820, but opened for public in 1958.

Trompenburg is quite close to the city centre and so easily accessible by public transport.

Ponteria Goudvisvijver

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