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Rotterdam rapper Hef presents a streetwear collection by Zeeman

The renowned rapper Hef hails from Hoogvliet, a rather unknown district of Rotterdam. He now is a famous artist, but he with nothing. His mother took him to Zeeman for affordable clothing. The retailer asked the rapper to promote their new SKEER collection.

Zeeman operates some 1300 shops in the Netherlands, with almost 20 shops in Rotterdam. In the past, the company has started various campaigns to show it’s not always necessary to pay a lot for products like a wedding dress, sneakers, and Eau de parfum.

shoppingAs Zeeman is located in all kinds of neighborhoods they see how young people often spend a lot of money on expensive brand clothing to get status. The outspoken Zeeman wants to appeal to these youngsters with a collection of affordable streetwear. The clothing line is called: SKEER, which means ‘broke’ or ‘cheap’ in street slang.

The collection consists of various items, including a bomber jacket, hoodie, tracksuit, t-shirt, and even a bathrobe and slippers. It exactly looks like the expensive clothes, popular in street culture. Zeeman is a shop that makes quality accessible to everyone. ”It is simply a good quality collection that looks very distinctive,” says Caroline van Turennout (marketing director Zeeman).

Hef even wrote an exclusive rap

Hef is the face of the campaign and even wrote an exclusive rapย  to reinforce the collection and the message behind SKEER. Hef’s relationship with the retailer dates back to his childhood when his mother brought him to Zeeman for new clothes. Happiness for him is not found in material things, he wants to teach his listeners that you can also look good in affordable clothes. “It’s about who you are, how you think, and not your clothes,” he raps. And: “Clothes don’t make the man, this man makes the clothes.”

The collection will be available from Friday 19 November exclusively online at www.zeeman.com.

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