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GO Sharing now offers e-bikes in Rotterdam

In addition to its electric shared scooters, GO Sharing now also offers 240 electric shared bikes in Rotterdam. The expansion is made possible by an investment of €50m. The shared transport company has also started testing with cars and will soon add them to its multimodal offering.

The e-bikes are a healthy and sustainable alternative for trips in the city and the last-mile to final destinations in the centre. GO Sharing will soon be introducing shared cars and thus supporting the journey from A to B, also between regions.

The e-bikes can be found and reserved via the GO Sharing app. The user pays €0.18 per minute and €0.15 per minute to park the e-bike. The e-bikes of GO Sharing have a range of up to 60 kilometers. The batteries are replaced by GO Sharing’s Powerrangers – employees who drive around in electric vans filled with charged batteries – as soon as they threaten to run out.

The electric shared bicycles are part of the multimodal offer with which the company wants to support door-to-door travel, also between regions, with shared transport.

CEO Raymon Pouwels explains: “In our mission to replace vehicle ownership with shared mobility, supporting the door-to-door journey is crucial. Even when you travel to another city you want the same convenience as having your own vehicle. You can pick up a shared scooter or bike within a three-minute walk. Travel to a Mobility Hub that we are introducing together with Q-Park for a shared car or to a station to travel to another region. There, you take a shared scooter or e-bike to your final destination. All through one app and at a rate that makes owning a vehicle expensive.”


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