Go Sharing MINI Cooper

GO Sharing offers shared electric MINI Coopers

GO Sharing has added electric shared cars to its range of services in Rotterdam. Recently it already introduced e-bikes and now thirty shared electric MINI Coopers are also available.

With this multimodal approach, the company seeks to better connect its various service areas for shared e-mopeds and e-bikes. To stimulate the use of shared mobility between regions, electric shared cars will be stationed at strategic locations around Rotterdam. And also in the cities of Delft, Den Bosch, The Hague, Eindhoven.

GO Sharing has partnered up with Q-Park for a number of these ‘Mobility Hubs’. In Rotterdam the electric cars have assigned charging stations at Q-Park Schiecentrale, Best Western Rotterdam Airport and Excelsior stadium. It’s easy to enter and leave those Q-Park parking structures through automatic number plate recognition.  GO Sharing aims to open several more Mobility Hubs in a number of different cities in the future. 

Existing GO Sharing users can opt in to use the electric MINI Coopers in the shared car plan. After approval, users of 23 and older who are in possession of a valid driving license can book and use electric cars. Rides are charged at €0.30 per minute, with an initial fee of €4.99 per booking.

GO Sharing proposes a multimodal model

”Smart mobility means making good use of the array of options open to travellers. Our locations are becoming a key part of that decision-making process. The partnership with Q-Park offers a solution to local residents who don’t own cars. Additionally, we facilitate last-mile transport for those people who park at the urban periphery and want to travel to and from the city centre by e-moped or e-bike,” says Director of Business Development at Q-Park Nederland, Fred Wilkes.

GO Sharing started in 2019 and today its operations involve over 10,000 electric vehicles in five countries. CEO Raymon Pouwels believes the addition of electric cars to the company’s services solves a critical societal problem: ‘We aspire to change the global attitude towards mobility from personal vehicle ownership to on-demand use. This is the only way to take full advantage of the benefits that sustainable transport brings us, namely a reduction in CO2 emissions as well as in congestion and parking spaces.’

Pouwels continues: ”We see increased use of e-mopeds and e-bikes over private vehicles for intraregional trips. But the majority of travellers still rely on their own vehicle, public transport or rental cars for interregional journeys. GO Sharing proposes a multimodal transport model that covers all journeys. We would like to offer people the chance to grab an electric moped –or e-bike for more active individuals– nearby and drive to a Mobility Hub. There, they switch to a car for their interregional transport and use another e-moped or e-bike to get to their end destination – covering all these movements within a single app.”

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