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Getir changes the streetscape with first art store

Getir, one of the flash delivery companies in Rotterdam, is opening its very first art store in Rotterdam. It changed the look of their dark store by hanging art in the window. In collaboration with 010 gallery, Rotterdam-based artist organisation Herenplaats and artist Mr. June there are now artworks at the Nieuwe Binnenweg 414.

The art store is a pilot. With this, the company improves the street image of the neighbourhood as an alternative to the so-called dark stores. The initiative offers local artists and other creative talents a platform to display and sell their work. If it is a success, Getir will expand the art stores to more cities throughout the Netherlands. After opening its own distribution centre, presenting a code of conduct with the industry and appointing a Getir team ready to help the neighbourhood, the launch of the art store is another in a series of steps Getir is taking to be an even better neighbour.

local artists can exhibit and sell their work

By placing artworks in the shop window, Getir is significantly changing the look of its Rotterdam location. Initially, the windows were taped up, Getir now not only has a more transparent facade but goes one step further: the art store. By providing a stage for local artists to exhibit and sell their work, the quality of the neighbourhood improves for both residents and visitors to Rotterdam.

Florian Brunsting, General Manager of Getir Nederland: “We are always open to feedback from the municipality and neighbours, we were also told that not everyone appreciated the stickers on the windows of our location. The first logical step was the transition to transparent windows and now the next step is art stores. The art stores not only improve the street image but also make a social contribution to the neighbourhood. We offer local artists and other creative talents a platform to exhibit their work.”


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