kwf judith de leeuw by Wessel de Groot

With a huge artwork KWF Dutch Cancer Society makes a statement for life

Street artist Judith de Leeuw is working on a huge work of art on the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. It symbolizes people living with the consequences of cancer. The mural will be unveiled during a live broadcast on national television on May 30, 21.25 PM at NPO1. It’s an initiative of the KWF Dutch Cancer Society.

She started working on the artwork The ‘t Leidsche Veem building of SSH Student Housing. The mural is made on the Wilhelminaplein. It was chosen because it bears the name of the founder of KWF, Queen Wilhelmina. The mayor of Rotterdam has bought the first piece of the artwork. He is enormously proud of the fact that Rotterdam is the first city to welcome the television show: Voor het leven.

Judith de Leeuw will work on it every day until May 30. During the broadcast presenter, Frits Sissing works towards the unveiling of the artwork. In addition, inspiring stories of people who live with cancer are shown. Known and unknown Dutch people such as André van Duijn, Eloise van Oranje, Ron Fresen, Sander Schimmelpenninck, Sosha Duysker, and Martsje Paulusma perfrom a give statement.

Judith de Leeuw (JDL Street Art) is a world-famous street artist and she is inspired by the stories of three main characters. They all symbolise those people who live with and after cancer. Something that comes very close for Judith because of a sick family member.

Anyone in the Netherlands can now buy a piece of artwork. That way this work of art becomes of all of us. To make a statement for life. With a donation, contributors sponsor KWF Dutch Cancer Society.


Photo: Wessel de Groot

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