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Fleur Kassels introduces In Love We Share

Fleur Kassels is a jewelry designer from Rotterdam. She uses recycled gold and silver to create small works of art with hand tools that once belonged to her grandfather. She is inspired by the love language between two people and uses this for her new campaign: In Love We Share. This Valentinesday she highlights the unique love language of three love couples. The campaign symbolizes wearing and sharing jewelry together.

Fleur Kassels started creating jewelry in 2019. She was inspired by the beauty of jewellery from a young age. It fascinated her that jewelry can really tell a story about you as a person. She explains: ”I give my jewelry the love and attention it deserves so it can last a lifetime. I think it’s important you just choose a piece from my collection. I hope it’s regarded as an extension of the body.”

In her studio, she uses the hand tools of her grandfather. Her jewelry is characterized by the rawness of Rotterdam and the pure beauty of nature. Fleur Kassels says: ”Jewellery to me is like handmade stories in pure gold and silver. I think it is wonderful to see that my jewelry gets a different dimension from the people who wear it. This time I’m not taking my own vision of aesthetics as inspiration, but love couples Bonne & Lykel, Levi & Jan and Tende & Mark.”

All pieces that Fleur Kassels designs and produces are, from the very first sketch to the final result, completely handmade and available in very limited and numbered editions. Because of the pure handwork, each piece is unique and always composed of recycled 14k gold and silver.


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